PCI 4.X Certified Encrypted Metal PIN Pad for ATM and Payment Kiosk

Password security input device for ATM machines and payment kiosks

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Model No. KMY3501B-PCI EPP


1. Pass the certification of PCI 4.X

2. Pass the certification of China Central Bank card testing center

3. CE, RoHS, FCC

Dimensions and Weight

1. Faceplate dimensions: 87.5 x 91.5 mm

2. Weight: 1.2 KG

Main function

1. Input keypad: 10 numeric keys, 6 function keys

2. Secure PIN entry and secure mechanism, prevent any combination of the attack, ensure the safe of secure information

3. Secure encryption key management

4. High performance secure management

5. Has strong WOSA driver supported, so it can be applied to different ATMs/ Kiosks.


The KMY EPP is mainly constructing with the components as bellow:

1. 16 pieces of stainless steel keycaps

2. High quality zinc alloy frame with nickel plating

3. Tamper resistant secure box

4. Main board, all electronic components are layout on the board


1. Keypad made of high quality zinc alloy with excellent nickel plating

2. Customizable layout, dimension and installation design

3. Braille keys design for visually handicapped people are available


1. Keys lifespan > 2,000,000

2. Keystroke force 3.6 N

3. Keystroke travel 2.0mm

Environment Requirements

1. Operating temperature range: –25℃-65℃

2. Storage temperature range: –25℃-65℃

3. Maximum humidity in operating environment: 80%

4. For security reasons, the secure information will be deleted when the environment temperature is beyond the storage temperature range.


1. The lifespan of KMY EPP is over 10 years

2. The lifespan of battery is over 10 years (without external power supply)

Communication Interface

RS232 or USB interface (including the data transmit line and power supply line)

RS232: RJ45 according to RS232-D up to 19200 baud

USB: Connector emulates RS232 port, free driver available.


EPP can be used as password input device for ATM machines and payment kiosks.

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